Online Delivery

How the programme is delivered

We use a number of online applications to deliver our University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, our AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies and our Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme and ensure you have the most effective and intuitive learning experience. You're not alone. Enjoy real-time interaction with your teacher as we take you through your learning process. You can discuss tasks, ask questions and solve problems – all live, using the four types of mode delivery:

Live Zoom-based video-tutorial

Teacher meets live with small groups of students using Zoom for 15-20 mins each, guiding them on the tasks for the week ahead

Interactive self-study

Students work through assigned flipped-learning tasks via Blackboard, completing set pre-learning to prepare for full class video-class

Live Zoom-based video classes (full class)

Teacher meets live with all students using Zoom, working together through flipped-learning tasks in a Q&A style presentation

Self-directed study ​

Students work on broader learning tasks, e.g. reviewing recorded video, making notes, reading text, undertaking assignments 

Flipped Learning

UP Education’s online delivery has been based on flipped learning where you will receive and complete assigned ‘pre-learning’ video lessons and tasks before class via Blackboard, then work through them with your teacher during class to deepen the knowledge gained during your streamed lesson time with your teacher.

We have been successfully using this learning method for over 5 years.

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As part of this, we use a range of powerful digital technologies to bring you an engaging and rich learning experience, preparing you for university and your future in New Zealand.

The main platforms that we use are:


Blackboard is our core platform for delivering UP Education’s online delivery. It’s a versatile application that allows students and teachers real-time interaction for lessons, and offers a number of powerful tools including video, interactive quizzes and tests, student journals, and discussion forums – all live and fully interactive with the teacher.
Discussion Forums are a space where students can share interesting learnings and experiences with others in the class. They can ask questions and answer each other’s questions, with the guiding hand of the teacher making sure that everything is correct. This encourages students to develop the skills of asking questions and working collaboratively. These are skills that they will need at university.
While we have been using Blackboard as our focus for our Blended Learning, we have developed our courses and increased the amount of video content. This video content helps students by allowing them to start, pause, make notes, and practice English listening and reading skills.  
Blackboard has the ability to administer quizzes and tests. Teachers have developed quizzes that draw randomly from pools of questions so students can test their knowledge and practise their skills time and time again with fresh questions. Additionally, teachers can give class tests to students and record results through Blackboard.
Journals are a great way for students to summarise their learning and to communicate directly with their teacher. Teachers are able to provide feedback, answer students’ questions, and identify where students need some extra help.


Zoom is an easy-to-use, effective tool for live lessons and our main video-conferencing tool. They form the backbone of our online learning. Here, teachers will interact directly with students. Teachers will take students through challenging problems, explain concepts in detail, and give students tasks to do that may get them to work by themselves or in a group. Students use this tool to practice their listening and speaking skills – especially when they use the tool to give live presentations.


Nearpod is an interactive, lesson building platform that teachers use to make students’ learning come to life. Teachers create lessons with slides, quizzes, weblinks, collaboration spaces for students to draw and write their ideas. These lessons can either be self-paced, which is ideal for students studying at home in their own time, or live, which is suitable for Zoom meetings where the class progresses together.

After students have completed each lesson, the teacher is given detailed analytics about both class and individual performance.

Education Perfect

Education Perfect is also an effective tool for helping students practise English skills. We have been using this tool for over ten years. Education Perfect is an innovative tool that allows teachers to build interactive student-paced lessons and activities. Through slides, quizzes, and assessments, teachers can assign work to complete and can monitor students’ progress.

Find out how these other interactive tools will also help you develop and enjoy your learning online:


provides short (5-10 minutes) game-based quizzes and learning games as part of our lessons.


is an interactive tool that allows for students and teachers to use their phones to participate in quick questions and polls within lessons as a short (5-10 minutes) activity.


allows students to make short videos and share them with each other as part of the classroom. This can take place in a live lesson, or over a week or so as part of selfdirected learning.