UP Education

Accommodation options


Available to all students, homestay is a great way of experiencing New Zealand culture and practising your English every day.

You will have your own room with a bed, desk, heating and Wi-Fi, and meals including breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends and public or school holidays. Laundry is also included.

Homestay Plus families can accommodate up to two students at a time, with a separate bathroom available – check with the UP Education Accommodation Team for availability.

  • All homestays are thoroughly checked – the family is interviewed and the home inspected
  • All homestay providers sign a contract agreeing to rules and standards and undergo a vetting procedure by New Zealand Police
  • All students under 18 are visited in their accommodation a minimum of three times a year by homestay staff
  • All payments to the homestay provider are made via the UP Education Student Fees Trust
  • A 24-hour call centre number is provided in case of emergency
Other accommodation options you could also choose to:
  • Live with your parents
  • Live with a residential caregiver (relative or family friend)
  • Live in a student apartment (for students 18 and over only – this is the responsibility of the student or their parent/ guardian or agent to arrange)

If you are under 18 at the start of your course, your accommodation arrangements must be approved by us.